What is screen printing?


Screen printing is a T-shirt printing technique in which a template (graphic) is prepared on a fine mesh. The paint is pressed through a previously prepared matrix, duplicating the image on the appropriately prepared material. Effect? A beautiful, high-quality print, characterized by high durability.

The screen printing technique on T-shirts allows you to create detailed prints of almost any type and color. It is also the best choice for more unusual projects. Shimmering silver graphics on a T-shirt? Neon, eye-catching colors? Convex prints on T-shirts? Screen printing allows you to achieve the desired effect. Additionally, thanks to the possibility of using various types of paints, the print can be applied to clothing made of various materials, both in light and dark colors. This technique of printing on T-shirts in is currently most often used to apply prints to clothing. Screen printing on T-shirts or bags is particularly popular . However, you can also see screen printing on glass, metal or cardboard.

Screen printing Dallas

Screen printing is a method whose advantages have been appreciated for hundreds of years. It was inspired by stencil printing, used for thousands of years in the Far East, and its homeland is Japan. Over time, this technique has been improved and today, among many printing techniques, screen printing guarantees good coverage of all textile materials and the highest durability of the print. Water, washing and UV radiation are not harmful to the clothes printed by us using the screen printing method in Dallas. All thanks to great care in making the print and thanks to various types of paints, which we select depending on the type of application and the material on which they are to be applied.

At Printing Season, when making screen printing we use:

Plastisol paints

We use plastisol paints for both simpler and more complex graphics. This type of paint allows you to precisely reproduce details, use the entire color palette, and at the same time has the fewest technical limitations. Due to its high density and easy coverage, it is an ideal choice where screen printing is to be applied to a dark surface. If cotton clothes come under our sieve, plastisol paints are our number one!

Water paints

Water-based paints are perfect for screen printing on light fabrics and allow you to obtain unusual, vivid colors. They are perfect for colorful, detailed patterns – water-based paints can be used on dense meshes, which guarantees sharp graphics. The prints made with them are soft, durable and odorless (water-based paints are odorless and are considered ecological!).

Discoloration paints

Color-removing paints are innovative color-removing agents, created especially for the 

screen printing method ! The substances used remove part of the pigment from the material, leaving a perfectly smooth, imperceptible pattern. Discoloration dyes are usually used on dark fabrics, preferably made of cotton.

CMYK paints

Do you need DTG quality printing? We can also help here, using our CMYK paint system! Thanks to it, we can perfectly reflect the colors and details of graphics in print – both on light and dark fabrics.

Screen printing – what is the printing process like at Printing Season?

Prints created in our  screen printing studio in Dallas are detailed and durable… as long as they are prepared with care at every stage of production – from preparing the pattern to drying the finished print. How do we create prints at Printing Season?

The first step is to agree on the details with the client.

At the very beginning, you need to determine not only the pattern of the screen printing print , but also the type and color of the material on which it is to be applied. The graphics must be prepared appropriately depending on the fabric on which they will be applied. The choice of paints that will achieve the best effect also depends on these factors. At Printing Season, we offer both the possibility of applying graphics prepared by the client and the service of designing a pattern.

Then we prepare the graphics files.

If the print is to be multi-colored, we prepare color separation using specialized software and our many years of experience – to ensure that the colors in the print are reproduced as faithfully as possible. If the fabric to be printed on is dark, we saturate the colors and select the appropriate ruling. The finished file goes to the printing house, where a film, technically called a slide film, is created. Finally, it’s time to choose a strainer with the appropriate mesh density. This is chosen depending on the graphics and the type of paint to be used. The next stage is exposure of the screen along with the printing design.

Applying paint to clothing and fixing it.

Each color that is to appear on the graphics is applied to the material separately. Each one also requires the preparation of a separate matrix. (Because of this, the cost of multi-color prints is higher.) This procedure guarantees that the finished print will be detailed and the colors of the graphics will be precisely reproduced in print.

The finished print is fixed and thoroughly dried. And finally – we get a finished product, a beautifully decorated T-shirt, bag, hat. Thanks to the combination of modern technologies, experience, the latest paint system and traditional techniques, we obtain soft, precisely made applications that preserve all the details of the graphics.

What determines the price of a screen printing service in Dallas?

Together with the high quality of screen printing services in Dallas and great possibilities, printing has one more advantage – low price with a large number of orders! Printing becomes profitable with an edition of twenty pieces, and the greater the demand, the lower the unit cost. Additionally, the price is influenced by the number of colors to be used in the graphics. Large format screen printing will also be more expensive. The screen printing price list is always prepared individually – depending on the type of graphics and the quantity of goods ordered. For this reason, screen printing is particularly profitable, for example when ordering T-shirts and corporate, event, music gadgets or advertising prints in large quantities.

Additionally, the price of the final screen printing order is also influenced by the scope of services (it is also possible to order graphic design) and the costs of the clothing to be decorated.

Why is it worth choosing the screen printing technique?

Screen printing ensures high quality, precision and durability of the print, resistant to washing and not fading under the influence of sunlight. It allows you to apply a pattern to both light and dark materials, and also allows you to place more interesting applications on them – convex or shiny. It is perfect for printing clothing, gadgets such as bags and flat surfaces. For larger orders, the cost of screen printing is relatively low, so it is the first choice when demand is high.

However, it is better not to choose the screen printing technique if the order is only for a few copies. The unit cost in this case is too high. Therefore, we invite people and companies who need at least twenty prints to place orders.

Special screen printing inks

In our screen printing studio in Dallas, we use paints with special effects, thanks to which your print can look even better and definitely stand out from the crowd. You can choose from gold or silver paints, which are perfect for richly decorated prints. Paints with a 3D effect are also available, thanks to which your printed T-shirt will take on a new dimension. The most effective are photoluminescent paints – they will look great on T-shirts or hats that you wear after dark. The use of special paints on your clothing gives you great opportunities to personalize your print. Thanks to them, you can make your T-shirt or sweatshirt look really original and unique. We use paints from leading manufacturers, such as Wilflex and Rutland .

Screen printing carousel

We use extremely efficient and precise M&R machines to mark clothes using screen printing . These screen printing carousels are some of the most popular on the market – and for good reason. The effect you can achieve with them is stunning in every respect. The print on a T-shirt or sweatshirt is exceptionally saturated with colors, and the entire graphic is printed with the highest precision and accuracy. Thanks to this, your project will look exactly as you expect. M&R carousels are also extremely efficient, so we can handle even very large orders in a short time. We are not afraid of wholesale quantities of T-shirts made using the screen printing method in Dallas, so if you need to quickly print a large batch of clothes – count on us.

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