Streaming Evolution; From Cable TV to On-Demand

No matter if we look back at times or just glance at today’s era. Even after tons of advancements that have paved the way in our lives. The amount of workload and the hustles and bustles of life remain constant. 

But so is the need to relax and shed the tension away for a while. Still, there is one thing that has made a revolution in the way we consume entertainment. And it has not just subtly made its mark. But it has caused a debate about which one is more suitable. Or what to include or what to exclude. 

The ongoing conflict among the consumers of cable TV and streaming services is a point that is dragging all over time. and people are still baffled about cutting the cord and switching to streaming platforms completely. 

No need to mention how cable had been a primary source of entertainment in the past. And the whole entertainment industry has relied solely on the shoulders of Cable TV. but with time, things changed and it birthed the streaming platforms. That soon became a rival in this regard. 

Moreover, there is a thing that inclined the viewers to the streaming platform even more. And that is the high cost of using cable TV. And the fact that you have to pay for even those channels that you are bound to watch unreluctantly is truly burdensome for many. 

But how did it all start and what to do now? Let’s take a sneak peek into the astonishingly folded account of our journey from cable TV to streaming platforms. 

The Generation of Cable TV 

Cable TV has been an elementary source of consumption for decades. We all know the fact that we have to wait a long time to watch our favorite shows and films. Moreover, we had to plan our schedules accordingly so that we don’t miss out on our beloved shows. And if that happens, it was no less than a waiting marathon to catch up on the missed episodes.

Plus, it is still a norm that TV cable comes in bundles. Like, we don’t have a say in what we need to pick. Resulting in getting the unwanted channels along with the desired ones. And what aggravates the si

The Rise of Streaming Services

Then the era of streaming services begins, giving a wild turn to the whole system. Netflix is the frontiers person who caused this revolution. At first, It started as a DVD rental service, then later it shifted its whole interest to streaming. The reason why people immediately commenced to adopt it is because it gives you freedom in watching. 

The on-demand streaming allows you to do what you want, wherever and whenever you want. Now people don’t have to wait for long to watch their shows episode by episode. Neither do they fear to miss out on any of the crucial scenes. 

The War of Streaming Services

With the heavy inclination of people towards streaming platforms like Netflix. It resulted in the birth of many other streaming platforms. They are now giving tough competition to each other. Hulu is a US-based platform that has rapidly gained the attention of viewers. 

Apple TV and Amazon are other streaming platforms that audiences around the globe prefer to use.  Moreover, the diverse streaming services like JioCinema Outside India are also favored by the audience. This means that people are willing to get subscriptions to cross-border streaming platforms, for the sake of quality entertainment. 

This reflects it is now not just confined to the war of cable or streaming, but it is itself a contest among the streaming platforms.

Production of Original Content

As the war quickly expanded from Cable TV to streaming platforms, stirring a tough round between the streaming services providers. Now to gain the most attention of the people and influence them to get a subscription to a certain streaming platform. They have started to launch Original content. 

The original content is solely available on the respected platform. Compelling the subscribers to stick to their platform. And there is no doubt that the content available is indeed epic and can attract the audience globally.

Changing Viewership Habit

Streaming platforms have considerably shaped the way the audience depletes entertainment. Who had wandered in the past that you could watch your favorite shows and movies while on the go? Plus, the freedom to discover on your own is no less than a luxury. 

Moreover, the easy accessibility and the usage with loads of amazing features add more appeal to the on-demand streaming factor. 

Wrapping Up

The gradual yet significant change that occurred in the consumption of entertainment is a sign that this particular thing will keep evolving. No wonder what technology we will use in the future. But one thing is for sure, whatever took over the hold, will provide extensively in making the watching experience seamless. 

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