Confronting the Racial Discrimination in Sports

Racial Discrimination in Sports

Despite coming a long way and working towards becoming more inclusive towards all genders, races, religions, sexualities, and abilities, we still have a long way to go. This can be seen in sports, which continues to cause discrimination within what should be a fun environment.

According to a report by the University of Central Florida’s Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports in 2018, it was found that there were 52 instances of racial discrimination in the United States alone when it came to sports and internationally, it was 137. Moreover, in 2020, Sports Illustrated had a panel with black track athletes to discuss their experiences when it came to racism.

They shared first-hand accounts of being racially discriminated against in their sports and lives. One of the things we noticed from their discussion was that they all had a common thread of stating that was the pressure of performing better than their white counterparts.

Some of the biggest and most successful players, like LeBron James, have not been spared. In 2017, the player’s home was vandalized with racial slurs the night before the season’s NBA Finals.

Sometimes, racial discrimination in sports is less blatant. Sports like tennis and golf may not welcome minority athletes as much as other sports. Since these sports are played at paid clubs, several socio-economic barriers can keep minority athletes away.

Finding a Solution

There is a dire need to prevent these discriminations from continuously occurring so that the youth of people of colour may be able to enter into the world of sports without the fear of being discriminated against at every chance.

Creating a Policy for Zero-Tolerance Racism

A policy like that will ensure that coaches, players, staff, and fans do not use racial discrimination in any form and that they will not be welcome should they indulge in these behaviours.

Backing Up Athletes Who Speak Up

We should encourage players to report any racial discrimination they have been experiencing or have witnessed. Being able to inform others of this injustice is the first step towards setting things right.

Focusing on Inclusion

When creating a team and various skill-building activities, we must include all players equally. It is also essential to start implementing this during the early stages of youth getting into sports.

Fortunately, there is already an establishment that is working towards that. Harlem Baseball Hitting Academy is a popular platform that aims to help young men of color obtain the best tools on the market alongside practical guidance to help them succeed in various parts of their lives.

Harlem Baseball Hitting Academy has also been a part of several notable selections like the 40 MLB draft picks, 5 Gatorade New York State Players of the Year, the American League Championships Series MVP, and Gold Glove Award Winner in 2018.

Naturally, the academy players were able to garner more than $14,000,000 in Baseball and Educational Scholarships and eventually bring about more profitable opportunities for Black people to indulge in a nurturing lifestyle under the supervision of Harlem Baseball Hitting Academy.

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