2024 Review: The State of Mobile App Development in UAE

of Mobile App Development in UAE

Did you know that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has the world’s second-fastest average mobile internet speed in 2023? According to Statista, UAE has an average mobile internet speed of 175.34 Mbps, with Qatar leading the stats at 189.98 Mbps.

The statistics indicate that high-speed internet is one of the reasons why the UAE is among the top digitally connected countries in the world. It could also be the reason why the mobile internet usage penetration rate is over 96%, leading to a significant evolution of mobile app development in UAE.

Abtach DMCC, a popular digital marketing company also believes that mobile app development is on the rise in UAE.

Understanding the Significance of Mobile App Development in UAE

Why is mobile app development in UAE important, especially for businesses and consumers? Firstly, mobile applications are the main engagement channels in UAE. Only 1/10th of the population is behind on smartphone ownership and internet usage.

Nearly all UAE citizens are either actively or routinely using mobile applications for different needs. They help order food and cabs. Some are essential for remote working and digital communication. There’s an abundant pool of uses promoting the growth of mobile app development in UAE.

Mobile App Development in UAE for Businesses

For businesses, it means harnessing the potential of mobile-first digital platforms and applications to interact with target audiences. It allows companies to gain higher brand recognition, increase sales revenue, and acquire higher market share.

Statista also reports that mobile apps are among the primary sources of interaction between consumers and leading organizations, ranging from for-profit and insurance companies to government and healthcare institutes.

Abtach DMCC is a top company for mobile app development in UAE, has been fulfilling diverse mobile app needs of organizations.

Moreover, the company has a range of technical processes for delivering easy-to-use smartphone apps to enhance business-consumer interactions.

Top Reasons Behind Brands Pursuing Dynamic Mobile Apps

A statistics report by Exploding Topics indicates that the average total screen time in UAE is around 8 hours and 36 minutes. Nearly 53% of that is mobile screen time, calculated to be 4 hours and 35 minutes on average.

Utilizing this information, it is easier to understand the pivotal role played by mobile applications in bringing news, information, value, and entertainment to UAE citizens. The population, as diverse as it is, thrives on social interactions and digital connectivity.

Therefore, any startup or long-standing enterprise deems it necessary to have a facet of its online presence extant in the mobile app space. With a single tap on a web browser or app store, consumers can download and install relevant applications on their smartphones.

This feasibility brings businesses closer to actualizing their goals and objectives, from acquiring higher market shares to enhancing brand projection across digital channels. Additional benefits of mobile app development for enterprises in the UAE include:

  • User-First Marketing

Mobile-optimized user-targeting tools help brands understand consumer demands, preferences, expectations, and suggestions. As a result, it allows them to tailor their marketing strategies to connect with the audience more effectively.

  • Unique Value Proposition (UVPs)

Brands are introducing interactive features and immersive usability tactics in mobile apps to engage audiences better. From Augmented Reality (AR) infused try-on features to app-exclusive offers and special discounts, brands are utilizing mobile app demands to their advantage.

  • Strong Brand Identity

Accurate brand projection is critical to building trust and credibility among consumers in the market. With a mobile app exclusive to their company or service/product offering, brands can earn greater recognition. In simple words, a mobile app performs the role of an “online brand ambassador” for a business.

While there are additional reasons behind the mobile app development spike in the UAE, the abovementioned seem to be the leading causes for it.

If you are a corporate official, marketer, or entrepreneur, you may already understand the crucial role of mobile applications in today’s evolving digital landscape.

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Reviewing Mobile App Development and Usage in UAE

After reviewing several reports and studies shared by Statista, we discovered the following key points regarding mobile app development in UAE (including app usage overview):

  • Businesses are investing in mobile app development to positively influence consumer spending
  • Investment in mobile app creation is affecting consumer engagement for businesses
  • Net mobile app installs are increasing exponentially in the UAE
  • Businesses face increasing competition to stand out in the mobile app market in the UAE

From native applications that utilize clock, sensors, and camera features to productivity and utility apps, the industry is brimming with a multitude of mobile application formats. Furthermore, mobile device applications are purported to be the leading engagement channel for UAE citizens due to growing consumer and business preferences.

Finance-related mobile apps showed significant upward movement on the demand charts in the UAE. Similarly, consumer spending on other types of applications continued to rise. In turn, this has provided incentives for businesses and organizations to increase spending on mobile development app development in UAE.

Key Takeaway

Mobile phone usage is an integral part of life in the UAE, as with anywhere else in the world with global connectivity and an increasing rate of digitalization.

Since 2010, the mobile internet usage rate has gone from 20.5% to over 96% in 2023. It means that almost every UAE citizen is an active internet user and a report further confirms that mobile phones are the leading devices for accessing internet in the country. For now, mobile app development in UAE is expected to stay on the rise. The advent of generative AI, Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies could bring new developments and relevance to various con

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