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It’s important for writers to write a good book summary, whether they want to get literary agents interested in their work or just give readers a quick overview. A synopsis is a short summary of your book that includes the major plot, characters, and emotional moments. Writing this short but complete review can be hard, but you need to get good at it if you want your book to do well. If you think this job is too hard, hiring professional ghostwriting services can make all the difference. Professional help is available through Ghostwriting Services by Progressive Book Writing to help you write an interesting and accurate summary.

Here are three main steps that will help you write a good book summary.

Figure Out the Premise

Finding and stating the idea is the first thing that you need to do when writing a synopsis. The premise is a strong line that sums up your story. This sentence should sum up the main conflict, scene, and interesting things about your story that make it stand out. It takes time to write a good idea, but it’s important for giving your synopsis a clear direction. Like, “A young girl on vacation with her parents in Paris wakes up in a treehouse in the middle of the rainforest and discovers that her mother and father have gone missing.” This premise takes a quick look at the main character, the setting, and the mystery at its heart, which makes for an interesting synopsis.

Draft Your Structure

After having a clear idea, the next step is to write out how your synopsis will be put together. This means making a list of the main plot points and character arcs and putting them in a way that makes sense. A typical synopsis has five parts: an introduction, an event that sets off the story, events that happen in a series, a major crisis, and the conclusion. First, write a 300-word summary of your plot that only talks about the key events and doesn’t go into other characters’ lives. Then, in the last 200 words, add more character traits and emotional stakes. This method makes sure that your summary is both short and complete, getting to the heart of your story.

Write the Details

Now that you have a plan, it’s time to fill in the blanks. Each part of your outline should briefly describe the main events and how the characters change. Even though shortness is important, make sure you give enough information. This will help them in making the main idea of your story clear and interesting. similarly, you might describe how the major characters meet and the world they live in. Similarly, you can also describe the main conflict that drives their romance in a fantasy romance. Your synopsis will give an interesting picture of your book if it includes both a story summary and information about the characters.

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If writing a description seems too hard, you might want to hire Ghostwriting Services by Progressive Book Writing. Their professional ghostwriters can help you turn your book into a strong, well-written synopsis. Such a synopsis will get the attention of both agents and readers. These ghostwriters have the knowledge and objectivity to help you show off the best parts of your story. Resultantly, they’ll make your book seem the best it can be. Professional help can make a big difference in how well your book does. This is regardless of how experienced you are as an author.

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