Are These Eyelash Remedies Effective?

Are These Eyelash Remedies Effective?

We have all used the internet to find answers to our beauty problems at some point, whether it was to get rid of crow’s feet or learn how to make the perfect smokey eye. For many, part of that search is finding ways to make their eyelashes longer and denser. 

Having thick eyelashes makes eye makeup look even more beautiful and keeps sand, dust, and other things from getting into our eyes. Eyelashes may thin over time because of getting older or health problems like hypertrichosis. People on the internet swear by some natural ways to grow your eyelashes back and make them longer and thicker.

On the internet, some of these home remedies have a lot of supporters, but science may not support them. Still, you might want to give them a try!

Vitamin E. 

With tocotrienol compounds, you can grow more hair. This strong antioxidant helps lower the oxidative damage that leads to hair loss. Because of this, careprost 3ml might help make eyelashes longer.

You can put vitamin E on your eyelashes internally as a supplement. But before you take these vitamins, you should talk to your doctor about how much is safe for you.

Tea with green leaves. 

A chemical in green tea called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) is high in the drink. EGCG has been shown to help hair grow and may also help eyelash growth.

 One teabag or one teaspoon of green tea leaves will do. One cup of hot water will do too. Let the tea sit for five to ten minutes. Strain the tea and drink it while it’s still hot. You could also let the drink cool down and use a cotton swab to apply it straight to your lower and upper lash lines. You should drink the tea twice a day and put it on your skin once a day.

A massage.

 Massage can help your blood flow, and rubbing your head daily, with or without oil, can help your hair grow longer and thicker. You might also get the same effects from gently rubbing your eyes.

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Massage your lash lines in a circle with light pressure while your eyes are closed. 

Oil of lemon.

 A study in the journal Parasitology Research suggested that lemon oil might help get rid of eyelash mites and speed up hair growth. However, the study only looked at rabbits, so be careful when using it on yourself.

Get a cotton swab and one or two lemons that have been peeled. Add a few tablespoons of either coconut oil or olive oil to a small jar with lemon peels. Press down on the lemon peels with a spoon and mix all the other ingredients in. Leave it alone overnight to steep. 

Put the cotton swab into the mixture and run it along your upper and lower lash lines, being careful not to get it in your eyes. Wear it for two hours, and then wash it off. You can do this process once or twice a day, or you can leave it alone overnight.

Apply Vaseline. 

Some people swear that petroleum jelly (Vaseline) can keep your eyes moist, protect your eyelashes from mites, and maybe even help your eyelashes grow.

You can put petroleum jelly on a cotton swab and rub it on your upper and lower eyelids. Be careful not to get any in your eyes. Leave it on overnight, and the next day, wash it off.

Butter is made from shea. 

A lot of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances are found in shea butter. It is also very high in vitamin C. Vitamin C stops free radicals from doing damage and also helps your body make more collagen, which makes your eyelashes stronger and helps them grow.

Use your hands to melt a small bit of shea butter, then rub it on your upper and lower eyelashes. Leave it on all night.

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