Getting To Know About The The Passing Crow By Author C.T Myles

The Passing Crow By Author C.T Myles

The Passing Crow By Author C.T Myles is very interesting and asks an old question: Should one choose Wisdom or Power? The story starts with a dramatic fight between two old gods. In a fit of anger, Zeus chooses Power. Odin picks Wisdom because he loves his son so much. This one choice changes the fate of people and worlds, bringing about success, heartbreak, a legacy, or destruction.

Myles uses simple but deep language to take readers on a trip through mythical settings and asks them to think about the choices they have made in their own lives. The Passing Crow is fun to read and makes you think about the deeper parts of human choices with its magical elements and deep questions. C.T. Myles does a great job of finding the right balance between simplicity and depth, which makes readers feel connected and makes them think about the story’s main point.

The Dilemma: Wisdom vs. Power

To understand The Passing Crow, you have to decide between Wisdom and Power. Two strong gods, Zeus and Odin, are in a tough spot. Zeus picks Power because he is angry. He thinks that Power will make him strong and in charge. Odin, on the other hand, picks Wisdom because he loves his son. He knows that Wisdom means knowing and being able to see things ahead of time. This pick sets the scene for the story and affects what happens to every character. Moreover, the book shows what happens when these choices are made. These deep ideas are told in simple words by Myles, which makes the story easy to understand and connect with. The choice between Wisdom and Power is something everyone has to make at some point, so this story is both ancient and current.

Mythical Landscapes and Their Significance

People who read The Passing Crow will be taken to beautiful, magical places. Not only are these places beautiful, but they also have meaning. Each scene shows a different part of the choice between Power and Wisdom. For instance, Zeus’ realm, which is full of lightning and storms, stands for the chaos and damage that Power can cause. Odin’s realm, on the other hand, with its calm woods and clear skies, stands for the peace and clarity that come with being wise. Myles paints a vivid picture of these settings, bringing them to life in the mind of the reader. Moreover, these places are very important to the story because they show how people feel and what happens when they make decisions. People who read these stories are aware of how the choices they make in real life affect other people.

Characters: Shaped by Their Choices

When the people in The Passing Crow have to choose between Wisdom and Power, it changes them in big ways. While Zeus and Odin are the main characters, the story also has other characters whose lives are affected by what the gods do. However, the main ideas of the story are shown through the journeys of the characters. With his choice of Power, Zeus has to deal with a lot of problems and issues. His deeds bring about his downfall and other people’s pain. Odin chooses Wisdom, and he finds his way with kindness and insight. His journey is marked by growth and making the people around him better. Myles does a great job of showing how these characters’ choices affect their own lives and the lives of others. The story makes people think about the choices they make and how they affect other people.


The Passing Crow by C.T. Myles is a powerful story that looks at the age-old problem of picking between Wisdom and Power. Through the stories of Zeus and Odin, the book shows how these decisions can change the course of people’s lives and the lives of whole worlds. The story is easy for a lot of people to understand and enjoy because Myles writes in simple but deep language.

Mythical settings and well-rounded personalities give the story more depth, making it both fun and interesting to think about. The Passing Crow is more than just a story; it’s a trip of growth and reflection that makes people want to live more carefully and thoughtfully. The book’s strong themes and easy-to-understand writing make it personal for readers, making it a must-read for anyone who wants to learn more about why people make the choices they do. The Passing Crow is an exciting and educational story that stays with readers for a long time.

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