The 4 Best Sites for Logo Design (Paid & Free)

Custom logo design services

Logo design websites bring significant benefits to businesses. They provide a cost-effective solution for logo creation, making it a budget-friendly option. The simplicity of these sites allows even beginners to create professional logos in no time. Moreover, the extensive customization options offered by logo design websites enable businesses to create unique and tailored logos.

If you want to explore free and paid logo-designing websites, you are in the right place. This blog will review the best sites for creating your business’s logo. We would also look into each site’s pros, cons, and features, so hang tight, as we will get started.

Best Site for Logo Designing

There are two types of logo-designing websites. The first are those that offer free logo design services, which are viable for small and medium-sized businesses. Then, some offer paid logo-designing services and features like advanced customization options, several color palettes, and numerous templates for creating tailored logos. Below, we have listed free and paid websites where you must learn about logo design.

1.   Design Mania

Design Mania is a top-notch site for custom logo design services. Design Mania is your go-to if you want excellent logos tailored to your targeted audience and the business’s mission and vision. The site offers many incredible services.

With Design Mania, you can get any type of logo. Whether you want an abstract mark, letter-based, wordmark, or emblem, with professional logo designers at work, your business can get any type of logo. In addition, Design Mania offers multiple revisions, a quick turnaround time of 48 to 72 hours, multiple logo concepts to choose from, and one dedicated logo designer for your project.

Design Mania is a paid logo designing services provider. Their basic packages start at $35, the logo plus package costs $75, and the premium package costs $105. Services such as 24/7 customer support and vector formats are available in plus and premium packages.

2.   Canva

Canva is among the top websites for logo design. It offers a free plan for businesses and multiple features, making logo design financially feasible for small businesses. Features like drag-and-drop make designing visually attractive and stunning logos easy and fun for beginners.

Another great benefit of Canava’s free plan is that it can leverage AI tools, which will help you speed up your logo design process. A vast template library and 5GB of ample storage capacity make Canva the perfect tool for logo design.

Canva’s paid logo maker package costs customers about $14.99 monthly and $119.99 annually. Since service costs rise, numerous other services are included in such packages, such as using all AI features, a storage capacity of 1 TB, and a brand kit for your business’s logo creation.

3.   Looka

Looka is the right solution if you want professional, industry-specific logos for your business. What makes Looka different from other logo makers is that it adopts a much more tailored approach. For instance, if you own a company in the fashion niche, then your logo should be created with your products, services, and industry in mind.

With Looka, you can create logos hassle-free. The best part is that you don’t need any design skills. All you need to do is answer a questionnaire, and you can get a professional logo fitting for your business. You can also get unique and customized font styles and colors for your logo.

Looka is a paid logo-designing tool with three payment options. Standard packages start at $20; the other packages range from $65 to $95. Looka can be feasible for you because it charges a one-time payment, so there is no need for a monthly or annual subscription charge.

4.   Wix

Wix is among the most popular logo-designing tools for businesses. It offers a wide range of services. Whether you need a professional or casual logo, you can have it anyway with Wix. There are two options: either you can get your logo designed by an experienced designer, or you can opt for a DIY process, where you create your logo with a Wix logo generator.

Several factors make Wix perfect for logo design. This site provides drag-and-drop options, fastening the design process. You can also preview the logo designed on the Wix site and marketing material such as branded T-shirts and business cards.

Although Wix offers a free logo maker tool, advanced options with more added features are available. Their basic package is $49 (one-time payment) and includes customization tools and customer support. The advanced option is about $99 (one-time fee), offering resizing options and social media files. If you want a logo designer, their charges can vary from $10 to $500.


We have now reviewed some of the logo-designing sites. All of the top sites mentioned above are handy, include both paid and free plans, and offer different customization and personalization options. All the sites are suitable for logo design, but the one that is better than the rest is Design Mania.

Multiple factors make Design Mania a crucial and competent site for logo design. This is because their service packages are cost-effective, they house proficient and professional logo designers, and they provide logos of different types in less time. These points make Design Mania’s logo design investment-worthy. So, if you want an attractive logo for your business, get it only from Design Mania.

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