How to Date Russian Ladies

How to Date Russian Ladies

You have seen them in magazines on television and in movies and we all know that Russian women are very attractive.

A lot of men are afraid of going on a dating with Russian women, because they think they only want their money and a marriage so they can leave Russia, but that is really just a myth. Russian women are very loveable and caring women especially if you treat them with love and respect.

Here are 3 tips to get help you get started dating Russian:


Use dating sites on the internet but watch out for marriage agencies and criminals that just want your money.

Unfortunately there are people that take advantage of you trying to date online and find real love. An example are agencies that uses a letter robot that automatically writes love letters to you pretending it is a woman that wants to date you.

For you to read the letter you pay a small amount of money each time for reading the letters.

Sooner or later you will find out that it was all a big scam and you will have a lighter wallet in your pocket for nothing.

Basically long distance dating is exact the same as if you were dating someone from your area. You would spend some time looking for potential partners and a dating site, chat, look at pictures and communicate with many women before taking the next step chose one to date.


Make sure to be open minded and positive to a different culture.

Many people fail long distance dating for that simple reason they are not open for the cultural changes that occurs, because they try to adapt their new partner to their own culture instead of being open minded for new input in their own culture.

One thing is for sure you cannot change people and that goes for Russian women as well. So when you start dating then be open minded and positive.


Watch out for language barriers and misunderstandings but do not see them as a problem.

Having English as a second language sometimes causes silly misunderstandings that can cause bigger problems if both you and your date them too seriously.

I good idea is to talk to someone else that has been dating Russian women and get some good ideas on how to react and handle Russian women. One thing is being a gentleman another thing is to know some of the local customs in dating that your Russian date will appreciate, because you that way also show her that you are interested in learning about her background as well.

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