How can Ayurveda help in post-natal care?

Being a mother is the best feeling ever for all women. But, this is also a critical condition as the post-natal period for women is a phase where her body goes through several hormonal, bodily and mood swings that occur. Treating and controlling are important, but taking medications for every small change might impact her overall body. So what is the solution? Ayurveda or Ayurveda Products Sydney could be of immediate help.

Curated and entailed with natural, herbalist and holistic materials these are known for having no such side effects. Let’s see in the following article how Ayurveda helps in post-natal care?

Post-natal curated by using some Ayurveda Products in Sydney 

Below is a guide which will give you a vivid description of how to should you lead your life and suggest you routine that you can follow after-birth.

1. Complete rest for 42 days

Ayurvedic postnatal care in Sydney suggests that in the first forty-two days after giving birth should take complete rest and let the body relax and rejuvenate. This is usually believed in most cultures that women should return back to normalcy. it is viewed in this case scenario that when the women begin to have continuous mood swings often become unbearable. Ayurvedic postnatal care in Sydney implies that the healing period brings the vata dosha into balance. 

2. Proper nutrition fuels the body 

Due to the high voltage in the mother’s body, the digestive fire or agni is compromised. Ayurvedic postnatal care in Sydney implies that digestion itself takes a considerable amount of energy during the time, and fuels your body with food that is easy to digest. What are the probable options that can be given? You can also consider getting some Ayurveda Products in Sydney in your diet, like having a glass of milk with cinnamon a honey before bedtime. In addition, incorporate spices ginger, black pepper and cumin into your meals. 

3. Eat at regular intervals 

This is one of those which is important for any breastfeeding mother. Between breastfeeding taking care of the newborn and the lack of sleep many new moms forget to nourish themselves at regular intervals and find their energy levels or milk supply drop. So besides eating the right foods, it’s important to eat small meals at regular intervals, too, thus this will keep your vata in check.

4. A perfect meal plan 

This is the most important part of the post-natal care. Ayurvedic postnatal care in Sydney suggests that in the first ten days, a new mother should have a soup which is hot oily and moist. This is highly suggestive that you cook your grains and soups with more water than they normally have. The rice that you eat, should not look like rice but this should look like mush. Use vegetables with a little more caution at this time. 

5. Mid 10-21 days

In the next 10-21 days, the focus shifts away from cleansing and moves towards the rebuilding of the tissues, and strengthening digestion and lactation. Continue eating more of those foods which are hot adding more vegetables and grains should not be mushy. Your diet should have soup and stews. Food gets more interesting at this stage and can include some soft fresh cheeses, juice and even buttery shortbread.

6. The final days of 21-42 days 

During this final phase of final phase of your postpartum window follow a diet. The postpartum diet of all new mother should now expand to a larger variety of foods, which can each hold their own identity on their plate. Follow this diet throughout and you shall get relief to a large extent. 

7. Integrate relaxation practices into your daily routine 

Ayurveda originated in the South Asian [India] part of the world. The new mother now after giving birth needs a new dinacharya which is practically a new routine. Practice yoga and if not consider closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths, getting up and stretching, and chanting out loud. In addition, consider spraying rose water on your face or lying down for a short catnap. This will later help you sense the order and leave you feeling more grounded, restful and energetic throughout the day. 

8. Warm oil massages 

As the name suggests warm oil massages and post-natal massages are used for both the mama and baby, which will balance the vata dosha. Using warm body oil massages will help you reduce anxiety and gain back your long-lost flexibility. 

Wrapping up 

In sum, when we go on to conclude this article, this can be said that being a mother is an extra-ordinary feeling. But the post-natal care can be dangerous. Resorting ayurvedic postnatal care in Sydney and following some tips and tricks will help you to gain a correct meal plan. The right amount of food and body rituals help you to overcome the difficult situation of postpartum. 

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