Dry skin and acne? What can you do?

The treatment of acne-prone, dry skin requires special care to ensure it is nourished and gently eliminating impurities. If you use the right products, acne-prone and dry skin can be sloughed, cleansed and moisturized.

Why my skin is being dry and acne-prone at the simultaneously?

Though many sufferers are prone to identifying acne as oily skin, it’s possible to suffer from acne that is caused by dry skin too, although there are fewer who have this condition. It’s the reason it’s an exhausting and stressful journey for those suffering!

Finding a moisturizer suitable for the skin that is dry and acne-prone isn’t easy sufficient! It must grant moisture without clogging pores or creating further imperfections. Also, there’s an issue with the ingredients that benefit to fight impurities, but also make the skin more dry.

Is my acne-prone skin dehydrated?

There’s a distinction between dry or dehydrated, dry and normal skin. If your skin is dry and tight but frequently appears oily and is prone to breakouts, then you’re dealing with dehydrated skin instead of dry skin. The majority of times, dehydration is caused by irritating substances, e.g., B caused by excessively drying cleansers for your face or substances like mint, denatured alcohol menthol, etc.

When your face is tight and flaky after cleansing, it’s dry skin, regardless of whether you are with a gentle formulation and an face cream moisturizer.

How do you hydrate your acne-prone skin?

If you’ve found you have dry skin (not dehydrated) Remove all irritating elements in your skincare routine including the irritating ingredients listed previously. Then, you can concentrate on gentle, easy solutions to hydrate your skin without blocking pores.

Every product you use to treat acne-prone, dry skin must be gentle and keep the microbiome of your skin. Microbiome plays an important part in the skin’s resilience and overall health. Microbiome disruptions can cause all kinds of issues with the skin and acne.

Begin with together an emollient face wash and toner like the ones from the CALM range. These products are specially made to ease inflammation and cleanse deeply the skin, while regenerating it.

The next step is an easy BHA peeling (beta hydroxy acid) removes the blockage of pores. Our SKIN PERFECTING BHA Lotion Scrub is the texture of a light, creamy lotion that softens and hydrates the skin while softly and naturally clearing pores, leaving the skin soft. The non-drying peeling deeply cleanses the pores, and ensures that the skin has a uniform appearance. The leave-on BHA peel also reduces the hard, tiny white bumps, referred to as milia on the face.

What can I do to take care of my skin that is dry and acne-prone to get it back in shape?

Azelaic acid is a powerful antioxidant that targets impurities prior to they show up. This potent ingredient helps prevent pimple marks and breakouts that are caused by breakouts in the past. Apply it regularly, once or twice daily and experience the positive effects of this active ingredient from the herb. Our 10 percent Azelaic Acid Booster reduces the appearance of blemishes as well as fades brown spots. It also calms skin irritation.

Find your ideal balance in the use of a serum and moisturizer for acne. This, in truth, is the most difficult aspect. You’re looking for an Beauty Cream that contains rejuvenating and skin-renewing components, yet moisturizing suitable to calm dry skin. It should also not be as moisturizing the typical moisturizer to avoid clogging the pores or rise the amount of impurities. Though you’ll need to try different things on your own, here are a few recommendations to try: The Golden Pearl Anti-Aging Day Cream SPF 50 in the morning, and the Golden Pearl Barrier Repair Advanced Night Cream in the evening.

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