How Book Publisher Cedric Cason Triumphed Over Adversity

Book Publisher Cedric Cason

Cedric Cason is a newcomer to the writing world. Through his writing, he has decided to share the amazing journey of his life. Growing up, Cedric lived in the poor projects of East St. Louis. As a teenager, Cedric Cason learned the importance of having a father figure in his life while being raised by a single mother. Cedric’s life went through a lot of big changes. The Book Publisher Cedric Cason got away from the drug scene, but there was a reward for his capture.

After that, he joined the US Marine Corps, but he was betrayed, which hurt his job and family and made him think about committing suicide. Even with all of these problems, Cedric kept going and was successful in both the business world and the classroom. The couple has been married for more than 29 years. The Book Publisher Cedric Cason story shows how he overcame hopelessness and reached great heights, shaping the person he is today.

My Early Life and Problems

The Book Publisher Cedric Cason was born and raised in the East St. Louis Metro area. He grew up in very poor projects. Born into a hard family, he had a hard youth. Cedric learned to be strong and tough from having a single mother raise him. He missed having a father role when he was younger. Even though it was all around him, he stayed away from the drug scene. Cedric’s life was already very dangerous, but there was a reward on his head at one point. Even with all of these problems, Cedric found comfort in being a Boy Scout. Through this experience, Cedric Cason learned discipline and survival skills that would aid him in the future.

Military Service and Betrayal

When Book Publisher Cedric Cason joined the US Marine Corps, his life changed in a big way. Cedric did very well with the organization and discipline of the Marines. He honorably served his country for twelve years and received an honorable discharge. Cedric worked as a Drill Instructor at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) in San Diego, CA, for two tours while he was in the Marines. He was also a Drill Master at the Non-Commissioned Leadership School. After experiencing betrayal, Cedric considered committing suicide, but he persevered through those difficult times. Even though it was hard, his time in the Marines gave him a sense of honor and purpose that he still has today.

Transition to Civilian Life

The Book Publisher Cedric Cason went from being in the Marine Corps to being a regular person. He worked in the private sector and did a lot of different jobs that showed off his skills and commitment. Cedric was a Senior Engineering Data Analyst at B&H Graphics, a company owned by Boeing. In this job, he planned and put together the Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC) for the National Aviation Association’s 777-200 potable water engineering area. Cedric was successful in Procurement, Operations Management, and Corporate Leadership because he worked hard and didn’t give up. For the next 30 years, he did very well in the private sector.

Current Life and Contributions

Cedric Cason is still helping his community in many ways today. The Book Publisher Cedric Cason works as an unpaid chaplain for the sheriff’s office in Riverside County. In addition, Cedric is a Deacon at his church and a member of the California Association for Chaplains. His faith and his desire to help others are the most important things in his life. Also, Cedric’s personal life is good. They have been married for more than 29 years and are very happy together. They raised their son Isaac together, who is now 18 years old and in college. Really amazing how Cedric went from living in the projects on E. St. Louis to having a great job and a happy family life. He has been through a lot, but he has always been strong and able to get through it.


Cedric Cason’s life is a strong example of how to deal with problems and overcome them. Growing up in poor projects and avoiding the risks of the drug scene were just two of the problems Cedric faced in his early years. When Book Publisher Cedric Cason joined the US Marine Corps, it was both an honor and a hardship, but his strength showed through. After his time in the military, Cedric went back to normal life and did very well in the business world and the boardroom. His hard work and dedication helped him have a successful job and a happy personal life. Even now, Cedric is still giving back to his community as a Deacon and unpaid Chaplain. The Book Publisher Cedric Cason story shows how strong the human spirit is and how important it is to keep going even when things get hard.

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