5 Places You Can Visit For A Memorable Vacation In 2024

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Travelling is crucial in life if you want to have never experienced experiences. So the summer is around the corner, and if you’ve been planning to get those new experiences for yourself or your family, try to plan which places to visit in vacation.

I’m recommending 5 places you can visit to get those experiences. Some of these places I’m about to recommend are modern and vibrant cities, and others are best for nature lovers, so it’s up to you to decide which place you want to visit. Some of them are islands where you can visit places that are far from big continents.

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Qatar is a peninsula and a small country in the Middle East, as you may already know. This place is best if you want to visit a place to immerse yourself in the Islamic culture and all the modern vibes here. The architecture of tall buildings is different from the rest of the world. It’s more like a Dubai experience, but in my opinion, it’s better because there’s so much to explore for you there.

You can visit the Museum of Islamic Art here and see those skyscrapers inspired by Islamic architecture.


Now you must already know about this. Istanbul is not just known for some reasons but also for many other special things to do in this city. The first ever reason is the Ottoman Empire’s history. The city is full of Ottoman architecture and beautiful heritage sites to visit, plus it gives all those temporary vibes to the city. You can visit many museums here and other sites like Hagia Sofia, the oldest mosque; it was a museum before and now is a mosque and another blue mosque to visit, which an Ottoman sultan built. You can visit the fort and palaces of Ottoman Sultans here. The Galata Tower is another place to visit and dive into the culture.

For the palaces, you get to visit Topkapi Palace, Dolmabahçe Palace and Rumeli Fortress. So there’s a lot to visit. Not only is this city famous for Ottoman history, but It’s also filled with the history of the Roman and Byzantine empires here.

Plus, there’s another part to this city: the food. You’ll get to eat food you’ll never forget, like Turkish breakfast, tea, sweets, and so much more. Overall, this city is best for every experience you’ve been craving.


Tokyo is a place I don’t even have to recommend because you already know why it’s best. Here’s a short phrase I can explain: the experiences you’ll immerse yourself in in Tokyo: you’ll be stepping into a new planet with neon-lit contemporary streets, Japanese boards, and the most modern vibes. You’ll find yourself sitting in bullet trains and metro buses that feel like the future.

So the adventure doesn’t end here; you’ll find the delicious food there with the shrines you can visit there.  But wait, if you are an anime lover, you’ll love the culture of Kawaii, where girls wear anime-type dresses and make themselves like anime characters. So you’ll find the places you see in anime and too many manga shops there. There’s also a season when every tree becomes pink, and you’ll have the fun of winter if you visit there in winter.


For nature lovers, Tasmania, a small state in Australia, is another heaven you must visit. It’s filled with nature, with green mountains where you can deeply connect with nature and even go hiking and trailing.

There are also beautiful roads, beaches, and shining crystal blue lakes between the mountains that will blow your mind. Also get to experience a village-type environment, where you can see the green fields and the serene and exquisite mountain scenery.

You can come and easily do your camping here. You also get to immerse yourself in the local culture of Hobart, where there are shipyards and Tasmania’s west coast, where you’ll see the train tracks in the corner of a hill. Overall, Tasmania is ready to give you the experience you’ve been craving.

Isle of man:

The Isle of Man is a small British crown dependency and a historical island full of rich history. Again, you connect with the serene nature on a deeper level and the new things you can do and explore there.

You can wander around the long grounds of green nature on bikes, go on a horseback ride, or see the beautiful historical castles ready to be explored. Cregneash is a village on the Isle of Man where you can experience 19th-century life and immerse yourself in history.

Wrap Up:

You can visit each of these places to get new experiences. The Isle of Man and Tasmania are best for connecting with nature and history. Qatar, Tokyo, and Istanbul are best for diving deep into culture.

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