5 Best Local Artists in Pakistani Music Industry

Local artists

The music industry is flourishing with many local artists. In the recent times, such musicians are producing refined songs. Moreover, they spread the cultural heritage everywhere through their compositions. For instance, the Manqabat of Farhan Ali Waris. He showcases the Islamic culture through his works. And his artistic creations have been well received around the globe. What’s more, his renowned works include Ali Ali Nain Bhulna, Beti Tou Rehmat Hai, and Mehmaan Qalandar. Another one of his work, Nabi Ka Nawasa Hoon has received 748K+ views on YouTube alone.

Additionally, Pakistani local music is also a delight. Besides, new music compositions bring forward innovation in the music industry. Some regional artists create unique tunes and lyrical compositions, found nowhere. Therefore, one such artist is the renowned Pashto singer, Arif Khan. He has received 61K+ fans over his song, Tappy Tapay (2023). Moreover, his popular tracks consist of Wada Sandara, Zolfaan, and Malali Stargy. His voice is deep and uses upbeat music in most of his music videos. Thus, even the sad songs are full of intense emotional touch.

There are many famous artists out there. However, five finest local artists in Pakistan include the following artists and their musical works.

Sanam Marvi

This Sufi-musician started her musical training around the age of seven. She learned from her father and then from famous Fateh Ali Khan himself. Sanam Marvi’s clear delivery of words was well received and brought her fame. Moreover, she has Punjabi, Saraiki, Sindhi, and Urdu languages under her command. She gave her debut performance in “Virsa Heritage” program (2009) on Pakistan Television Corporation channel. Therefore, she created her own path to the glory.

Besides this, Sanam Marvi made her name well-known through Coke Studio performances. After these, a new world of opportunities welcomed her. She released many songs, embedded with Sufi and calm music. For instance, Yaar Vekho, Manzil-e-Sufi, and Koi Labda have all got millions of music lovers out there. Even Saieen Zahoor and her duo masterpiece, Lagi Bina/Chal Mele Noon Challiye charmed 61M hearts. She has also brought forth many other spiritual creations as well. These renowned works include Ghazi Alman Wala, Ali Maula Ali Maula, and Mere Dil Da Tanba Wajda.

Shaman Ali Mirali

He is one of the most prominent local artists from the Sindh province. Shaman Ali Mirali has been promoting Sufi and folk music fusion throughout the nation. Furthermore, he began his musical journey in late 90s. The artist has released an abundant range of albums since then. His renowned albums are “Nayaab (2013)”, “Preen (2015)”, “Saki Saki (2023)”, and so on. Moreover, his widely popular songs include, Kehri Dil Tutal Maan Dua, Hath Holo, and Chari Chari.

Additionally, Shaman Ali Mirali stole the spotlight at the Lahooti Mela (2023). This Mela was special due to ten years of celebration and took place in Hyderabad. A huge crowd applauded him for his mind-blowing on-stage performance. He and other famous singers like Umair Jaswal, American singer– Monica Dogra, and DJ Unk brought the festival to life. Another one of his tracks, Dil Ko Jalana Chorh Dya (2023) has got 648K+ views.

Mashooq Sultan

Mashooq Sultan was a widely popular Pashto singer. She has contributed a lot to the industry through her music and as an actress. Moreover, she was known as the “Queen of the stage” in folk music. She is one of the best local artists alive in her fans’ memories. Her name is accredited with Pride of Performance and Tamgha-e-Imtiaz awards. Hence, her finest creative works include Sada Jenai Yama, Nim Makh Khkara, and Pa Kyal Me Jor. The legendary artist produced hundreds of tracks as a musician from Radio Pakistan to television. Nonetheless, Urdu, Punjabi and Saraiki languages were also familiar to her.

Humaira Arshad

Humaira Arshad’s name is a cognizant name in the Pop music. Her musical journey began with PTV’s “Ainak Wala Jin”. Soon, she made big waves as one of the local artists from Coke Studio’s platform. Besides this, she sang Noor Jahan’s hit song, Mehki Fizayein Gaati Hawayein. Therefore, not just pop songs but singing folk, and ghazals is also a skill up her sleeve. The musician has released a lot of albums during her career. For instance, “Meri Pasand” (1996), “Gal Sun Dholna” (2002), and “Baimana” (2003) are her finest productions.

Furthermore, most of her songs still get hundreds of views. Her cover song, Teri Ulfat Mein Sanam has got 2.2M views already. Recently, she gave a powerful performance, live in Lahore that stirred up the audience completely. Nonetheless, she was recognized as a gem, working in the Coke Studio. The trio, Aima Baig, Humaira Arshad, and Rachel Viccaji brought forth Kaatay Na Katay song. It has secured about 5.3M music lovers for itself. Her other creations consist of Vei Bemana, Chup Jao Tario, and Galan Goriyan.

Sania Aftab

Sania Aftab is another fine Pashto voice in Pakistan. She contributed a lot of innovative songs to the music industry. Mashup, Mazigar, and Tawezona Attan are some of her best tracks out there. In 2023, she produced a song, Ajeeba Dey Dah Khani has got 127K+ views on YouTube. What’s more, she has also collaborated with other local artists. For instance, Sania Aftab and Muskan Fayaz brought out, Janan Lewane Na Wo which gathered 644K+ fans. Another one was Sania Aftab and Ayesha Aftab’s joint work, Tappy. Moreover, she is amongst the emerging musicians of Pakistan.


In conclusion, Pakistani music industry is producing finest local music. However, the blog lists five of the best local artists in Pakistan. Primarily, Sanam Marvi– a Sufi-musician who has crystal clear vocals. She became a nation-wide sensation through Coke Studio’s platform. Next, there is prominent Sindhi artist, Shaman Ali Mirali. Since his career took off, he has vastly contributed to the music industry. However, his finest performance is imprinted on many minds is the one, he gave in the Lahooti Mela.

In addition to these, there is “Queen of the stage”– Mashooq Sultan. She has won quite handful of awards, including Tamagha-e-Imtiaz. What’s more, she was a legendary voice and a huge loss for the nation. Another talented singer is Humaira Arshad. She is quite a well-known name in pop music of Pakistan. Last is Sania Aftab who is an emerging musician. She is a great addition to the Pashto music. Thus, concludes the list of five best local artists in Pakistani music industry.

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